A Guide on How to Determine the Best Brazilian Hair for You

Do you want to buy the best Brazilian hair? Then you should know how to go about the process of finding the best hair to invest in. Brazilian hair is generally considered the best globally. This is because it has a thicker texture than the European hair. It is also glossy and smoother than hair from other countries. This hair is available in different hair extension stores, salons and online stores. Nevertheless, despite being the best hair, you still should know how you can get the most ideal hair for you from Brazil. Our experts highlight tips that should guide you in buying your Brazilian hair.

Decide between non-virgin and virgin hair

Virgin hair is simply hair that has not undergone any form of processing. Usually, it is available in shades of between black and brown. However, you can find shades of this hair that are slightly lighter. If you want to have a natural look, choose virgin hair. It is possible to get hair with shades that are similar to those of your hair. Nevertheless, this might not be easy for you to achieve especially if your hair is lighter. Non-virgin hair is the best for you if you want hair that you can color or dye to match the color of your natural hair or to highlight a specific color.

Choose between double and single drawn hair

Single drawn Brazilian hair is hair that has not undergone sorting for length. This means that the hair bundle that you come across will have hair with varying lengths. If you have curly or layered hair, variation in length will not make a major difference in the overall style. This hair is relatively cheaper. Double-drawn Brazilian hair has sorted bundles. This means that hair in a bundle have similar length. This hair is the most ideal choice for you if you want to have a straighter, smoother style.

Consider texture and color of the Brazilian hair that you purchase

If your goal is to have a completely natural look, choose Brazilian hair that has a texture and color that is the same as yours. Brazilian hair can have varying textures. The best hair is the one whose texture and color are similar to the texture and color of your natural hair. To determine whether the Brazilian hair that you are about to purchase is the best for you, hold it up to your own hair and run fingers on it. If hair bends well in the two sections then the extension is the best for you.

When color is not important

If you goal is to add fashion color or pop to your current hair, then you do not have to match color. However, you should ensure that the Brazilian hair and your hair have similar texture to get a more sophisticated appearance.

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